Pecora KlereSeal Silane Penetrating Sealer

940-S VOC

Pecora Corporation

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Klere-Seal® 940-S VOC can be used to protect parking decks and garages, ramps, roads, bridges, airport runways, stadiums, monuments, statues, buildings, dams, bulkheads, foundations, precast and pre-stressed concrete products, brick and stone veneers from structural damage and the negative effects of contamination.

Quick Overview

    Klere-Seal® 940-S VOC is a colorless alkylalkoxysilane solution that reacts chemically with siliceous materials to provide a permanent* hydrophobic surface to concrete and a variety of masonry substrates. Klere-Seal® 940-S VOC is not a coating, and as a result will not discolor or change the surface appearance in any way. Because silane molecules are very small, Klere-Seal® 940-S VOC is able to penetrate more deeply than other types of masonry sealers. Upon reaction with minerals in the substrate, Klere-Seal® 940-S VOC forms a barrier against water effectively reducing structural damage that could occur from trapped water. By reducing the incidence of water penetrating the substrate, Klere-Seal® 940-S VOC reduces the intrusion of water borne contaminants such as salt and dirt, and reduces the negative effects of these contaminants such as corrosion of steel reinforcement bars, spalling, scaling, efflorescence, leaching, and staining. The excellent penetration properties of Klere-Seal® 940-S VOC also leaves little exposure to wear when subjected to vehicular traffic.
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Manufacturer: Pecora Corporation
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