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    CONCRETE MIX is a multipurpose, fast setting product that can be used for repair and construction of pavements, formed work, footings, setting posts, industrial floors, machine bases, and concrete repair.

    COLOR [Light Grey]
    The final color of CONCRETE MIX may vary due to application techniques and environmental conditions.
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When mixed with water CONCRETE MIX produces a workable, high quality concrete repair productl that is ideal where fast setting, high strength gain, maximum durability and low shrinkage are desired. Apply CONCRETE MIX in thicknesses from 2-in to 24-in. Durable in wet environments. SETS IN 15 MINUTES & IS READY FOR TRAFFIC IN 1-HOUR. One 60-lb. bag of Rapid Set® CONCRETE MIX will yield approximately 0.5 cubic feet.

Rapid Set® CONCRETE MIX is a high performance blend of Rapid Set® hydraulic cement and quality aggregates. CONCRETE MIX is non-metallic and no chlorides are added. Rapid Set® CONCRETE MIX is similar in appearance to portland cement concrete and may be applied using similar methods.

Where bonding is important, the adjacent surfaces shall be clean, sound and free from any materials that may inhibit bond such as oil, asphalt, curing compounds, acids, dirt and loose debris. Roughen surfaces and remove all unsound concrete. Immediately prior to placement the repair surface shall be thoroughly saturated with no standing water.

The use of a power driven mechanical mixer, such as a mortar mixer or a drill mounted mixer, is recommended. Organize work so that all personnel and equipment are in place before mixing. Use clean Potable water. Rapid Set® CONCRETE MIX may be mixed using 3.5 to 4.5 quarts of water per 60 lb. bag. Use less water to achieve higher strengths. For increased fluidity and workability use Rapid Set® FLOW CONTROL® plasticizing admixture from the Concrete Pharmacy®. Place the desired quantity of mix water into the mixing container. While the mixer is running add Rapid Set® CONCRETE MIX. Mix for the minimum amount of time required to achieve a lump-free, uniform consistency (usually 1 to 3 minutes). Do NOT re-temper.

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