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Rapid Set DOT Cement

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    Set Time: @70 F
    Initial:17 Minutes
    Final:20 Minutes

    Compressive Strength:
    ASTM C 39/C 109
    1 Hour, 3140-psi
    3 Hours, 3725-psi
    24 Hours, 4650-psi
    28 Days, 5,500

    ASTM C 78
    4 Hours, 500-psi
    1 Day, 650-psi
    28 Days, 1,200-psi

    Bond Strength:
    ASTM C 882
    24 Hours, 2000-psi
    28 Days, 2200-psi

    ASTM C 666
    1,000 cycles (weight loss 1.07%)
    Dynamic modulus:91%

    ASTM C 666 in a 10%solution of Sodium-Chloride:
    (as per North Eastern spec.)
    10 cycles, 0.0%loss
    15 cycles, 0.0%loss
    25 cycles, 0.3%loss
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Rapid Set® DOT Cement is ideal for the repair of pavement, bridge decks, industrial floors, parking garage decks, freezer floors and vertical & overhead repairs. DOT Cement a highly durable calcium sulfoaluminate based hydraulic cement with exceptional workability characteristics. This cement is formulated for long life in freeze thaw regions. When mixed with aggregates and water, a very fast setting, high quality concrete repair concrete is produced. DOT Cement may be batched to yield about 2 cu. ft. per 50-lb bag.

Rapid Set® DOT Cement is a specially formulated blend of Rapid Set® Cement and other ingredients. Rapid Set® DOT Cement should be mixed with local concrete sand and stone at a 1-2-2 ratio (cement,sand and stone). This unique formulation produces a high quality repair material with excellent durability. The development of high early strength provides conformance with CRD-C-621 in only 3 hours.

\r\nIdeal for the repair of highways, bridge decks, airport pavement, industrial floors, parking garage decks, and freezer floor.

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Manufacturer: Rapid Set
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