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300 amp Welder, 10.5KW, 120/240V, Kubota D722

Quick Overview

  • Voltage regulation is maintained at 1.5%
  • Emits 65dBA at 23 feet (6.9 meters)
  • Produces up to 300 amps as a welder, 10.5 kW as a generator
  • Arc force control allows the operator to fine tune DC current during low voltage welding conditions and helps prevent electrodes froms sticking during short arc length welding
  • Safety shutdowns, lifting bale, and external water, oil and fuel drains
  • E-mode allows you to weld at 160 amps at idle
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The DLW300ES welder/generator delivers superior arc characterisitcs and consistent welding quality. It is the quietest welder in the industry with only 59 dBA at 23 feet (6.9 meters). The new E-mode feature improves fuel effciency by allowing the operator to weld at idle up to 160 amps, reducing operating costs and noise levels.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Multiquip
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