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Tex-Trude is on the leading edge stretch hood technology. Our stretch hooder film is being used to package products ranging from resin manufacturers, landscape products, drilling fluids and beyond. The automated stretch hooder offers better protection than traditional corrugated packaging or stretch film applications and places your product out front where it can be seen by consumers - all available at a reduced cost to traditional packaging concepts.

Quick Overview

  • Proven performance in multiple industries

  • Custom designs for every application

  • Cost effective solutions for specific customization

  • High potential stretch performance up to 100+ %
  • Vertical stretch potential for enhanced load stability up to 15%

  • High elastic recovery for secure packaging

  • Stronger protection than typical corrugated packaging

  • Higher resistance to puncture and tearĀ 

  • Exceptional sealing

  • Wide temperature operability range

  • Film that is well suited for printing a logo, company name etc., which allows for promotion during distribution of the pallet loads
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Additional Information

Manufacturer: Tex-Trude
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