Radius 5 Anchor Lock


Gates and Sons, Inc.

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Quick Overview

    5 Anchor Lock radius forming
    • 2 ga. tie with pass through TMS5 cone
    • 3/4 plywood, vertical 4x4 with lock mounted on 4x4
    • Rolled radius 2x3 telespar horizontal to hold shape
    • 16"x32" tie spacing (4 sq. ft. per tie)
    • Note the plywood bending table
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4 sq. ft. per tie spacing. With the #5 lock mounted on the vertical 4x4's. The radius box 2x3 telespar is not part of the load bearing members.

Inside forms being set, braced, ready to be backed up with outside gang forms.

Notice the true, clean, radius concrete.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Gates and Sons, Inc.
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