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Quick Overview

    Lok'n Square Column Clamps

    • shown here is the lock unit featuring a sliding pin w/ slot and a #9 Anchor Lock claw
    • base material of the Lok'n Square is galvanized 2x3 telespar
    • can be made into a pivoting clamp or one that separates into two 90 degree halves utilizing two lock units rather than a lock and a pivot
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A close-up of the cast pivot unit that is inserted and secured into the 2x3 telespar.

Lok 'n Square Clamps in use on a multi story building

Lok 'n Square in a specialty application. Two columns connected by a downturn beam poured monolithically.

Lok 'n Square in a "L" shape form configuration. Note that a #9 Side Lock can be added to the 2x3 telespar to run a tie to assist on spans over 36".

High rise building in San Francisco using Lok 'n Square on columns and small "L" shaped shear walls

Specialty application adding a column next to an existing wall.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Gates and Sons, Inc.
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