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Color Accents

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Smith Paints Color Accents Waterborne Extra Strength Stain

Quick Overview

  • Low Odor
  • Weather Resistant
  • Ultra Violet Light Resistant
  • Alkali Resistant
  • Water Submersible
  • Fast Air Dry
  • Overnight Deliverable - No Red Label

  • Available Colors
    Metallics: Gold, Bronze, Copper, Brass
    Pearls: Silver, Olive Black, New Pearl White, Purple, Blue, Emerald Green, Gold, Yellow Gold, Pink
    Iridescents: Violet, Blue, Green, Gold, Orange, Red
    Flip / Flops: Red/Blue, Green/Blue, Blue/Green, Gold/Blue, Gold/Green
    Sparkles: Pearl, Green, Gold, Red, Violet, Blue
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Smith's Color Accents are a waterborne extra strength coatings developed to achieve a lustrous appearance for the decorative concrete industry.Incorporating the use of metallic, iridescent, pearl, sparkle and bi-directional pigments, Smith's Color Accents is an excellent tool when creating unique works.Thanks to its superior adhesion, Accents can be applied to a variety of surfaces including, but not limited to, interior and exterior concrete, brick, plaster, stucco and terra cotta.The coatings are water submersible, alkali, weather and ultra violet light resistant after a minimal drying time of 48 hours.

Smith's Color Accents is supplied as a ready to use product. In order to easily spray Smith's Color Accents via an airless, production gun or HVLP, dilute 1 part Smith's Color Accents to 2 parts distilled, deionized or reverse osmosis water. By diluting Color Accents, you will decrease the intensity of the color. Several thin coats will allow the applicator to control product build and final appearance.A clear sealer is recommended for applications exposed to excessive surface wear.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Smith Paints
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