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Fiberglass Dowel Bar System Cannot Rust

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    Photo : FiberDowel with all plastic basket assembly.
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In the construction of concrete slabs, expansion or contraction joints are purposely positioned in the slab where cracks in, or movement of, the slab will occur. Dowel Bars function, primarily, to restrain vertical movement between adjacent slabs, while permitting the slab to move horizontally. Dowel bars are usually Grade 60 (ASTM A615) plain steel, or coated steel (typically zinc galvanized or epoxy coating material).

The coating of steel dowel bars and dowel baskets is intended to prevent, but really only forestalls, corrosion of the steel.

The expansive forces caused by corrosion of a steel dowel can spall the concrete at the joint, or lock the dowel in the concrete; either problem requires expensive replacement of the dowels.

FiberDowel™ is the answer to the aforementioned corrosion problem. Being made of fiberglass, it is impervious to corrosive effects of salt, water, and other elements. In addition the material composition of FiberDowel makes it an electrical and thermal insulator; and being electromagnetically transparent is a valuable attribute in certain applications.

FiberDowel fiberglass dowel bars are available loose, or with an all plastic basket assembly.


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