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Joint Free Slabs

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    Joint Free Slabs
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The Joint Free Slabs System (JFS) replaces traditional control joints. JFS is a crack inducer grid used to initiate cracks at close centers throughout the entire length and breadth of a slab. The objective is to dissipate the effects of drying shrinkage as uniformly as possible in the form of fine cracks throughout the entire area of the slab. The more cracks there are on a closely spaced regular grid, the finer the cracks will be. The cracks in a joint free slab are sufficiently fine to have no detrimental affect on applied finishes, such as tile, wood floors, etc.

The Joint Free Slab crack inducer grid is comprised of four-way plastic junctions at one meter centers that connect extruded plastic tubes. The tubes are supplied cut to length for a one meter grid. The tubes are assembled onto the junctions by hand. The junctions double as bar chairs to support a light reinforcing mesh.

The JFS grid is currently available in two sizes. The smaller version is for slabs up to 4 inches thick, the larger version is for slabs up to 6 inches thick.

Use of JFS provides substantial savings in construction time and cost, as well as in maintenance.

JFS is particularly suitable for any large area floor with applied finishes: supermarkets, shopping malls, big box stores, Hospitals, Schools, Sports Halls, Parking structures, industrial buildings, refrigerated areas, or any structure where cast in or cut joints are a problem.


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Manufacturer: RJD Industries
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