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Concrete Reinforcement Protection System

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    SpliceSeal is applied in seconds, using a hand-held torch. Bar Lock couplers shown.
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SpliceSeal is a specially formulated "shrink tube" that allows for very fast and efficient sealing of joined reinforcing bars, to avoid corrosion. SpliceSeal can be used on bare bar, to patch damaged epoxy-coated bar, and to encapsulate joints, whether they're lapped-spliced, welded or joined with commercially available couplers, as shown here.


  • SpliceSeal eliminates the need to thoroughly clean joints, mix epoxy, paint it onto joints and then wait for it to dry...saving time and money.
  • Unlike epoxy patching, there are no ambient temperature limitations to consider when applying SpliceSeal.
  • SpliceSeal creates no hazardous wastes that must be disposed of.


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Manufacturer: RJD Industries
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