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Stay-form is the ideal forming material for blind side walls. Contractors who have tried to build forms inches away from existing structures or rock formations know how difficult form removal can be. Most construction projects will not allow the contractor to leave wooden forms in place because of the vermin problem created by this material. Therefore, the contractor must build concrete forms that can be somehow removed or can stay in place. Stay-form solves this problem better than any other forming system currently on the market.

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  • Forms Easily: Stay-form easily forms into multiple configurations to accommodate curves, angles and corners. 

  • Supporting Stay-form is Easy: Utilizing the load tables found in this document the contractor can easily plan for support spacing using rebars and hook ties, that will easily work with any modular forming system that might be used on the front side of the wall. 

  • Excellent Support for Concrete: When properly supported Stay-form will support concrete pours with only minimal deflection between ribs.

  • Cuts to Size Easily: Stay-form is packaged in five sheet bundles that are wire tied together. Single or multiple lengths or pieces can be cut utilizing a circular saw with an abrasive metal cutting blade.

  • Easily Penetrated: Stay-form can easily be snipped (sheared) or punched to allow hook tie placement on rebar supports or for penetration of conduit.

  • No Stripping Required: Stay-form is a stay-in-place concrete form that requires no stripping.

  • Concrete Placement and Consolidation is Aided by Stay-form: Since visual inspection of the pour is possible with Stay-form the contractor can feel a greater degree of confidence that no voids exist in the pour without having to over vibrate. 
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