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High Molecular Weight Methacrylate Penetrating Sealer Duraguard 401 is a 3 component, low viscosity, solvent free, high molecular weight methacrylate penetrating sealer and crack healer. It may be used as a gravity fed resin or as a specialized crack injection product.

Quick Overview


  • Provides long term protection for concrete surfaces against water and chloride penetration

  • Penetrates to protect concrete from abrasion, impact,moisture and chemical attack

  • Underwater protection of concrete surfaces

  • Crack injection to structurally repair concrete

  • Repair of joints, walls, columns and beams
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  • Low viscosity to allow for deep penetration into the concrete. Duraguard 401 is capable of penetrating cracks as narrow as 0.001 inches wide by gravity alone.

  • Wide temperature application range from 40°F - 120°F

  • Fast setting - can be opened to traffic within two hours of application

  • Excellent impact, abrasion and chemical resistance -resists attack from deicing salts and many other chemicals

  • Withstands full immersion for extended duration in liquid chemicals and fresh or salt water, without eroding, blistering of loss of bond

  • Low odor/non flammable formula
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    Manufacturer: ChemMasters
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