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Low Viscosity, High Modulus Epoxy Sealer and Crack Filler Duraguard HM Sealer is a 100% solids, very low viscosity, high modulus epoxy sealer and crack filler. It is moisture insensitive and can be gravity fed on horizontal surfaces or pressure injected into vertical and overhead concrete and masonry for structural repairs.

Quick Overview

  • Uses

  • Interior or exterior, horizontal, vertical or overhead crack sealing applications

  • Sealing severely cracked or extremely porous horizontal surfaces, bridge decks, parking garages, ramps, runways and industrial floors

  • Crack injection repairs of beams, walls, single or double T's, cast in place or precast concrete members, repair of carbonated, dusting concrete surfaces

  • Slabs on grade, pan floors, foundation and retaining walls, delaminated surfaces of concrete decks, repair mortars

  • V.O.C. compliant, low odor alternative to methacrylate healer/sealers
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  • Advantages

  • Extremely low viscosity for increased depth of penetration

  • Exceptional flexural and slant shear strengths for sound structural repairs

  • Fills hairline cracks, pores and capillaries to effectively seal horizontal concrete surfaces for protection against liquid borne salts and contaminants

  • May be thickened with sand to form mortar for economical structural repair of cracks over 0.25 inches (6.35 mm) wide

  • Moisture insensitive formulation allows repair of damp surfaces and cracks

  • High compressive and tensile strengths for durable repairs of load bearing precast members and cast in place foundations and walls
  • Additional Information

    Manufacturer: ChemMasters
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