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Anti Graffiti Coating Graffiti Stopper is a two component polyester urethane developed specifically to protect surfaces from graffiti.

Quick Overview

    Once applied to most surfaces, Graffiti Stopper will reduce the adhesion of most coatings, paints and inks to the surface. Paints will typically bead on the surface and make the development of letters or designs difficult. Once dried on the surface, paints or inks can be removed without the use of harsh chemicals. Graffiti can be removed with Graffiti Eraser from ChemMasters and a pressure washing without leaving a shadow on the surface or damaging the coating.


  • Exterior concrete, masonry, metal or galvanized metals

  • Traffic signs, rail cars, sound barriers, bridges, bath room stalls, schools or other areas subject to attack by graffiti.
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  • Graffiti Stopper is different from other graffiti protection systems. Graffiti artists will normally stop application when they see that letters or shapes are not easily formed on a surface treated with Graffiti Stopper.

  • Graffiti Stopper treated surfaces are easy to clean. Other graffiti protection systems require the use of expensive and harsh chemicals for paint removal. Sacrificial graffiti protection systems require reapplication of the sealer after cleaning. Since paint or ink does not adhere well to Graffiti Stopper, they are easily removed from the surface with the use of mild chemicals.

  • Graffiti Stopper adheres tenaciously to a wide variety of substrates.

  • Standard Graffiti Stopper is a high gloss product, but satin and flat finish versions are available.

  • Graffiti Stopper protects surfaces regardless of the texture of the substrate. (Smooth surfaces will clean more easily.)

  • Graffiti Stopper is UV stable and will not yellow.

  • Easily mixed and applied with brush, roller or sprayer.
  • Additional Information

    Manufacturer: ChemMasters
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