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946801 323
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Bronze 10.67oz Cartridge
946802 323
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Black 10.67oz Cartridge
946802 385
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Black 20oz Sausage
946805 323
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Limestone 10.67oz Cartridge
946805 385
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Limestone 20oz Sausage
946811 323
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Precast 10.67oz Cartridge
946811 385
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Precast 20oz Sausage
946853 323
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Gray 10.67oz Cartridge
946853 385
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Gray 20oz Sausage
946881 323
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Sandstone 10.67oz Cartridge
946881 385
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Sandstone 20oz Sausage

Quick Overview

  • An ideal sealant for sealing the most demanding dynamically moving joints including material having a high coefficient of linear expansion such as aluminum curtainwalls, precast concrete panels, metal panels and window perimeters.
  • Formulated f
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Additional Information

Manufacturer: Tremco Inc
For More Information on the Spectrem 1, [Click Here] to Link to Manufacturer Web Site

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