Safe-Cure® 1200 Clear



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Safe-Cure® Clear is a clear, water based, wax emulsion concrete curing compound for concrete.

Quick Overview

    This formulation has been specifically designed to meet the Ohio Department of Transportation Supplemental Specification #800. When applied to fresh concrete, Safe-Cure 1200 creates a film over the concrete to retain water in the concrete to enable the cement to fully hydrate and thus allowing the concrete to achieve higher ultimate strength while reducing surface shrinkage cracks.


  • Safe-Cure 1200 Clear is used to cure any exterior concrete including pavement, curbing, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, median barriers, and mat foundations.
  • Advantages

  • D.O.T. approved in Ohio
  • Stable solution to allow for reduced length and frequency
  • of agitation
  • Excellent moisture retention - consistently meets ASTM
  • C309
  • Superior spraying characteristics for economical application and reduced labor cost
  • Available in pails, drums, bulk or totes
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Additional Information

Manufacturer: ChemMasters
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