Safe-CureĀ® 2000AP



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SAFE-CURE 2000AP is a water based, white pigmented, concrete curing compound. It complies with all current federal, state & FAA regulations as an effective curing compound for pavements and runways.

Quick Overview

  • Uses
  • Curing compound for pavement and curbing
  • Curing compound for Federal Aviation Administration projects
  • Highways, bridge decks, parking lots and structures
  • Median barriers, curbing, walkways
  • Mass concrete, dams, mat foundations
  • Advantages
  • Sets the industry standard for pigment and solids suspension, reduces length and frequency of agitation
  • Excellent moisture retention
  • White pigments reflect heat in hot weather and act as a gauge of proper application rate
  • Superior spraying characteristics for economical application and reduced labor cost
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Additional Information

Manufacturer: ChemMasters
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