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Five Star EZ-Cure Repair Mortar is a fast turnaround, fiber reinforced, single component, high-performance cementitious repair mortar for horizontal or formed vertical repairs. It requires no wet cure or curing compounds and may be extended with coarse aggregate to make a fast setting concrete for deeper placements. Five Star EZ-Cure Repair Mortar is a versatile, high early strength product which provides a durable long term repair.

Quick Overview

    • High early strength
    • Fast turnaround
    • No wet curing or curing compounds needed
    • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance
    • Coarse aggregate extension
    • Moisture sensitive coatings can be applied in 24 hours
    • Fiber reinforced for increased structural integrity
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  • Horizontal repairs
  • General repairs of concrete structures
  • Warehouse floors
  • Steps and walkways
  • Parking structures
  • Formed vertical repairs
EZ-Cure Repair Mortar Data Sheet
EZ-Cure Repair Mortar: Data Sheet (espaƱol)
EZ-Cure Repair Mortar: Design-A-Spec
EZ-Cure Repair Mortar MSDS

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Five Star
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