Type III Screw On Veneer Anchor


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  • TheType3 Screw-On Veneer Anchor¬†(#1004)¬†is used for anchoring brick veneer to metal stud. Used in conjunction with the 1100 series triangular ties.

  • Available in 14 or 12 gauge thickness.

  • Mill galvanized / Hot dip galvanized / Stainless steel

  • 1-1/4'' wide x 6'' long with over 3'' of vertical adjustability.
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Select the characteristics of the Type III Screw On Veneer Anchor necessary for the job. The table is read by its' columns, from top to bottom. Example: You may need a Type III Screw On Veneer Anchor that is 1-1/4" wide x 6" long #1004 Type III, 3/16" diameter, 3"x3" #1100 Triangle size, 12 gauge, and has a Mill Galvanized finish.

#1004 Type III Size #1100 Triangle Dianmeter #1100 Triangle Size Gauge Finish
1-1/4" wide x 6" long 3/16'' 3''x3'' 14 Gauge Mill Galvanized
1/4'' 4''x4'' 12 Gauge Hot Dip Galvanized
5''x5'' Stainless Steel

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Wire-Bond

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