Jute/Coir Mat

Jute/Coir Mat

Hanes Geo Components

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Hanes Jute/Coir Mat

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    7 oz. 6' x 300'
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TerraJute is a polypropylene fabric which controls erosion and enhances vegetation establishment on slopes and in channels. It shields soil and seeds from the erosive forces of rain and wind. The fabric's open weave construction allows the passage of sunlight and moisture, providing a favorable environment for plant development.

TerraGuard Coir Matting is manufactured using high strength bristle coir twine which results in a semi-permanent erosion control blanket with a functional life of 4 to 6 years. Coir matting is intended for use on stream banks, on slopes, in channels and ditches.

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Manufacturer: Hanes Geo Components
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