5-Gal 2010 All Surface Cleaner

41065 05GAL

Prosoco, Inc.

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Enviro Klean® 2010 All Surface Cleaner is a "next-generation" product for cleaning and degreasing light-to-heavily soiled stone, tile, masonry and much more. Powerful enough for industrial use, flexible enough for jobs around the home, space-saving EK 2010 replaces a host of individual cleaning agents. It's dilutable for home-use on windows, bathroom tub and tile, countertops and more. It's concentrated for the toughest industrial cleaning jobs on concrete, metal and many other plant and warehouse surfaces. Easy-to-use EK 2010 All Surface Cleaner is water-rinsable and contains no harsh acids, caustics or solvents.

Quick Overview

  • Advantages
  • Cleans and degreases light-to-heavily soiled stone, tile, masonry and much more.
  • Effectively removes moderate biological staining.
  • Dilutable for jobs around the home.
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Manufacturer: Prosoco, Inc.
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