Portland Cement White 94lb


Holcim Inc

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Holcim Portland Cement White 94lb

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    Type N
    For normal masonry construction. Available in 31.8 kg (70-lb.), one-cubic-foot bags, and in bulk quantities.

    Type S
    For use in masonry structures that require more than double the strength of a Type N. Available in 34.0 kg (75-lb.), one-cubic-foot bags, and in bulk quantities.
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These white Portland cement-based products are designed for making white or colored mortars as designated by ASTM specification C270 "Mortars for Unit Masonry." Manufactured to meet ASTM C91, these products blend white Portland cement with finely ground white limestone, combined with process additions that enhance water retention, workability, boardlife, and durability.

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Manufacturer: Holcim Inc

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