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Simpson Strong-Tie

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Quick Overview

    • Simpson Strong-Tie
    • ETI-LV Low Viscosity Injection Epoxy ETILV22
    • ETI injection epoxies are two-component high solids formulations
    • Dispensed through a static mixing nozzle using a manual, battery, or pneumatic dispensing tool
    • Specially designed formulations for the injection of cracks in concrete
    • Properly installed, they provide a repair that is both waterproof and high strength
    • Features
      • Chemically bonds with concrete to provide a structural repair
      • Meets the requirements of ASTM C-881 as a structural repair epoxy
      • Seal the crack from moisture, protecting rebar in the concrete from corrosion and flooring from moisture damage
      • Formulated for maximum penetration under pressure
      • Side-by-side cartridge dispensing provides reliable mixing and ration control when used with the Simpson Strong-Tie Opti-Mix Static Mixing Nozzle
      • Eliminates the need for expensive bulk dispensing equipment
      • Includes EMN022 mixing nozzle
      • Different color components aid in verification of proper mixing
      • Suitable for pressure injection of gravity feed systems
    • Applications
      • Non-shrink material resistant to oils, salts, and mild chemicals
      • For repair of fine to medium-width cracks that are 1/64"-1/4" in width
      • Low surface tension allows the material to effectively penetrate narrow cracks
      • Suitable for structural repairs
      • Approved under NSF/ANSI standard 61
      • Suitable for repairing non-moving cracks in concrete walls, floors, slabs, columns, and beams
      • Can be used to inject cracks in damp or wet conditions with excellent results
      • Apply to concrete 40ºF or above. For best results, warm to 60ºF before application
      • 22 oz. Cartridge

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