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L&M™ DURATOP HP™ is a flowable natural metamorphic spinel aggregate that creates an abrasion-resistant industrial floor.

Quick Overview

    Fast turn around for weekend shut downs. 6 times more wear resistant than 6,000/psi concrete. Major cost savings over iron toppings. Resists severe single point impacts. High density-resists industrial contaminants. Rust-free service – inside or outside applications Similar melt point as the cullet
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Basic Use: DURATOP HP with it’s unique combination of aggregates, which reinforce concrete floors by developing dense, long lasting, abrasion and impact resistant surfaces to withstand medium to heavy wear conditions. Use it in key areas subject to heavy traffic, impact abrasion and continuous wear such as roll-off areas, foundries, loading docks, truck, tractor and auto installation and repair areas, bus terminals, smelters, machinery manufacturing plants and generating stations. DURATOP HP's unique non-rusting formula is ideal for outside loading docks and the wet environment in industrial plants using chemicals. The DURATOP HP aggregate due to its similar melt point to the cullet is ideal for use as the floor topping in areas where the refuse glass is transferred to the furnace and will maintain the integrity of the finished glass product.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Laticrete
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