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Water-based, Wax Membrane Curing Compound

Quick Overview

    Basic Use: L&M CURE W is an effective, economical curing compound that should be used only on surfaces in areas where subsequent coatings or toppings are NOT planned. L&M CURE W-2 is best used where maximum curing and sunlight reflectance are required, such as state highways, DOT's, city and county roads, bridge decks, dams, and curb and gutter work.
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L&M CURE W is a VOC-compliant, ready-to-use, membrane forming, emulsified wax concrete curing agent that cures the concrete by forming a barrier against moisture loss without staining concrete surfaces. It is a sprayable liquid that offers good water retention performance. L&M CURE W is a clear membrane curing compound. L&M CURE W-2 is an opaque, whitepigmented membrane for use primarily on exterior concrete pavements.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Laticrete
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