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Hurricane Harvey in late August 2017 created the third 500 year flood in three years in Houston and along the Gulf Coast. The flood resulted in tragic loss of life, economic damage was in the billions with damage and destruction to residencies in the tens of thousands. Once the water drained homes were left with the obvious effect of water damage and the pending destruction of mold. As the repairs began, Mortar Net Solutions applied its knowledge and experience in moisture management for masonry structures to develop an approach to remediate flood damage to the thousands of damaged brick veneer walls. WallNet-F is the resulting solution in this 10 step remediation process. During demolition and reconstruction using this plan, the masonry wall remains in place, thus saving the cost of removing and replacing brick veneer and providing continuing security of the structure from weather, vandalism and theft. The detail to the right shows the interior of the wall after demolition below the water line and installation of the new WallNet-F polypropylene mesh with attached geotextile fabric. This product will allow for future drainage and ventilation along with preventing closed cell spray foam insulation from blocking the cavity.

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