Superseal Wet/Dry Roof Cement


Henry Company

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5 Gallon

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    A high-grade mastic compound of asphalt, cellulose fibers and minerals. This material is blended in proportions to assure maximum resistance to weathering while providing ease of application by trowel. This product is a soft pliable material that gradually hardens to a mastic that is elastic, durable, and resistant to water. It sets firmly after application, yet retains its pliable, plastic elasticity over a period of years. Designed for repairing leaks in asphalt, metal, and composition roof surfaces. This material is used for waterproofing and on flashings where a heavy duty product is required and as an emergency patching compound that provides good water resistance. Use for repairing leaks in shingles, concrete, gutters and around chimneys, downspouts and eaves. When reinforced with asphalt saturated felt or a suitable membrane, this product provides a permanent patch of unusual strength over most surfaces. Do not use over coal tar. 12.5 sq. ft. per gallon applied 1/8 inch thick.
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Manufacturer: Henry Company

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