Yellow RediMat

Detectable Warning Systems

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3' x 2.5' RediMat Ansi Bar Yellow 10lbs
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2' x 2' RediMat Inline Yellow 5.8lbs
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2' x 2.25' Wedge RediMat Inline Yellow 6.3lbs
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2' x 3' RediMat Inline Yellow 8.72lbs
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2' x 4' RediMat Inline Yellow 11.61lbs
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2' x 5' RediMat Inline Yellow 14.38lbs
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3' x 2.5' RediMat Inline Yellow 11.61lbs
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3' x 4' RediMat Inline Yellow 14.38lbs
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3' x 4' RediMat Offset Yellow 17.41lbs

Quick Overview

    No Adhesives to Apply - simply remove protective backing
    Conforms to Uneven Surfaces - flexible polyurethane material
    Unbreakable - will not chip, crack, or splinter
    Installs on Both Asphalt and Concrete - multi-surface adhesive system
    Comes with In-line or square pattern with 2.35" spacing or Offset pattern with 2.35" and 1.66" spacing
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Colors and Sizes - Available in three standard colors: Yellow-Federal Standard 595B #33538, Black and Brick Red. Custom colors are also available by special order. UV inhibitors included in the process provide protection from fading and discoloration. Mats are available in the following sizes: 2'x2', 2'x3', 2'x4', 2'x5', 3'x2.5',3'x4'', and the 24"x27" wedge for radius applications.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Detectable Warning Systems
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