Dress & Seal WB 30

Dress & Seal WB 30

L&M Construction Chemicals

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Quick Overview

    DRESS & SEAL WB formulations are water-based, low VOC, acrylic copolymer solutions that cure, seal and dustproof concrete without yellowing. The tough film locks in moisture, curing the concrete for maximum hardness. These clear, fast drying, sprayable liquids are equally effective on interior as well as exterior surfaces.

    DRESS & SEAL WB formulations have a very low odor and dry to form a clear, medium to high gloss, protective film that is highly resistant to blushing. They adhere well to sound concrete surfaces and have excellent barrier properties, particularly to jobsite contaminants, dirt, and a variety of mild chemicals.

    Basic Use: DRESS & SEAL WB and WB 30 are recommended for use in applications where low odor and/or VOC compliance is required, and where positive sealing and dustproof performance are demanded, such as: warehouses, office buildings, driveways, sidewalks, municipal buildings and food processing plants. DRESS & SEAL WB-treated surfaces are compatible with most paints and tile adhesives after a proper curing period of seven days or more.
    Features and Benefits:
  • Low odor.
  • Excellent curing and sealing properties.
  • VOC compliant formulations.
  • Compatible with most tile adhesives and paints.
  • Seals out jobsite dirt and mortar drippings.
  • Easy to spray and apply.
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Short Spec:

033000: Acrylic curing and sealing compound: Acrylic curing compound; shall conform to ASTM C 309, be VOC compliant, and meet all local air quality regulations. "DRESS & SEAL WB" as manufactured by L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc.

033000: High solids, acrylic curing and sealing compound: Minimum 25% non-yellowing, acrylic solids curing compound; shall conform to ASTM C 309 and ASTM C 1315, Type I, Class A, be VOC compliant, and meet all local air quality regulations. "DRESS & SEAL WB 30" as manufactured by L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc..

Additional Information

Manufacturer: L&M Construction Chemicals
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