Durapatch Voh

Durapatch Voh

L&M Construction Chemicals

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Polymer Reinforced, Non-Sag, Concrete Patching Mortar

Quick Overview

    DURAPATCH VOH is a pre-measured cement-based thixotropic mortar system consisting of polymers, low density aggregates and additives for easy-to-use vertical and overhead patch repairs. This product resists damage from mechanical impact and abrasion, environmental and freeze-thaw deterioration and chemical destruction from mild acids, caustic solutions and other chemical contaminants.

    DURAPATCH VOH, with its mini-micron particles, assures positive penetration into the smallest capillaries to double normal bonding planes. This unique benefit guarantees a denser mix, excellent bond, and increased flexural strength, resulting in a more durable patch.

    Basic Use: DURAPATCH VOH is ideal for patching overhead and hard-to-reach vertical patch areas. Use on parking ramps, overpasses, tunnels, pass-throughs, and where structural and environmental stability are critical.

    This patch can also be used for renovating existing commercial and residential structures to correct uneven structural irregularities. It can be applied at reduced thickness and can be modified to meet tolerances at stairwells, elevators, etc. The non-shrink, non-staining and high strength features of DURAPATCH VOH assure a concrete repair that is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. This product's excellent workability, durability and strength make it ideal for repairing old and new concrete.

    Features and Benefits:
  • Fast Curing.
  • Strength Matched.
  • Excellent Bond.
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Manufacturer: L&M Construction Chemicals
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